2018 Articles by Aspen New Voices Alumni

Learn about development issues from the experts!

Our alumni continue to publish well after their fellowship year. Here are their pieces from this year! Plus, 11 of them penned pieces for the Development as Dignity book, spearheaded by ‘Dapo Oyewole.

2013 Class

Jane Otai, October 2018, Urbanet, “Empowering Youth to Make Informed Sexual and Reproductive Health Decisions.”

Kennedy Odede, November 2018, New York Times, “What a Kenyan Slum Can Teach America About Politics

Ola Brown, July 2018, Medium.com, “How to make $1bn from a single product in Nigeria.”

Ola Brown, October 2018, Vanguard, “Restructuring health care systems in Nigeria.”

2014 Class

Bisi Alimi, October 2018, Huffington Post, “Let Me Be Clear — Wearing Blackface for Halloween is Racist.

Jacqueline Muna Musiitwa, March 2018, New Vision, “How universal access to affordable energy can be part of Uganda’s dream.” [print only]

Jacqueline Muna Musiitwa, March 2018, Banker Africa, “How financial inclusion can beat poverty.” It was also published on CPI Financial’s website.

Jacqueline Muna Musiitwa, March 2018, Daily Monitor, “How digital financial literacy can enhance women’s financial literacy.” [Print]

Jacqueline Muna Musiitwa, July 2018, CNBC Africa, “Africa has made a Faustian bargain with Facebook.”

Jacqueline Muna Musiitwa, August 2018, Project Syndicate, “Closing the Financial Services’ Accessibility Gap.”

Jacqueline Muna Musiitwa, September 2018, New Vision, “Government losing revenue.” [print]

Jacqueline Muna Musiitwa, October 2018, Financial Times, “Africa’s banks must bank on women

Sisonke Msimang, January 2018, Al Jazeera, “Trump rage ignores the truth.”

Sisonke Msimang, February 2018, Mail & Guardian, “Flying home: He was always free.”

Sisonke Msimang, February 2018, the Guardian, “The future of the Commonwealth. The unequal battle: privilege, genes, gender and power.”

Sisonke Msimang, February 2018, the Guardian, “Zuma is not enough. The ANCF itself must be cleansed of corruption.”

Sisonke Msimang, February 2018, Foreign Policy, “Zuma Has Fallen.”

Sisonke Msimang, March 2018, Washington Post, “Australia’s Trump thinks South Africa’s white farmers need saving.”

Sisonke Msimang, April 2018, Washington Post, “Winnie Mandela’s legacy: A renewed militancy in South Africa.”

Sisonke Msimang, April 2018, Mail & Guardian, “Reimagining an unburdened Winnie.”

Sisonke Msimang, April 2018, The Journalist, “Winnie Mandela Unchained.”

Sisonke Msimang, May 2018, Africa is a Country, “Africa Day is for Big Men.” It was syndicated by SABC News.

Sisonke Msimang, August 2018, Mandela 100 News 24, “What Madiba might teach us about male violence.”

Sisonke Msimang, August 2018, contributed an essay to the book Conversations with Uncle OR — Childhood Memoirs in Exile

Sisonke Msimang, August 2018, Africa is a Country, “A story of love in the time of the constitution.”

An excerpt of Sisonke Msimang’s book is on The Star, “Read a sneak peek from Sisonke Msimang’s new book Always Another Country.”

Sisonke Msimang, September 2018, The Africa Report, “Winnie Madikizela-Mandela: The heirs of defiance.”

Sisonke Msimang, December 2018, Johannesburg Review of Books, “Paying for Independence.”

2015 Class

David Kuria, January 2018, Standard Media, “How we can reverse the degeneration of cities and towns.”

David Kuria, January 2018, Inter Press Service, “The Future of Our Cities: New Agenda, New Faces, New Year.”

David Kuria, January 2018, The New Nation, “Agenda for our future cities.”

David Kuria, February 2018, Standard Digital, “Innovate or urbanites will perish from hunger

Elsa D’Silva, February 2018, She the People, “Transport is not Gender Neutral says ElsaMarie D’Silva.”

Elsa D’Silva, February 2018, She the People, “What we need to do to stop rape in India.”

Elsa D’Silva, March 2018, Your Story, “Empower yourself and those around you.”

Elsa D’Silva, April 2018, She the People, “Is there gender equality for mothers of children with autism?”

Elsa D’Silva, April 2018, In Plainspeak, “Building Resilience form Memories.”

Elsa D’Silva, June 2018, Thrive Global, “Activist and CEO, ElsaMarie D’Silva, Reflects on Mental Health In Her Home Country of India.”

Elsa D’Silva, July 2018, The Quint, “’India Most Unsafe for Women’: Fact Vs. Perception, Does it Matter?”

Elsa D’Silva, July 2018, Your Story, “Why is it important to have gender-inclusive city planning?”

Elsa D’Silva, July 2018, She the People, “’No Single Woman’ Policy Limits Our Mobility and Questions Our Agency.”

Elsa D’Silva, August 2018, She the People, “Managing Carbon Footprint: Are We Doing Enough?”

Elsa D’Silva, August 2018, Your Story, “Dwindling women on top — why is the number of CEOs falling?”

Elsa D’Silva, August 2018, The Wire, “For Pakistan and India, Peace and Gender Equality Should Go Together,” and it was syndicated by The Daily Hunt.

Elsa D’Silva, September 2018, She the People, “UN Official Ravi Karkara sacked over sexual misconduct; time to fix the system.”

Elsa D’Silva, October 2018, IPS, “Sex Offender Registry is Not Enough to Curb Sexual Violence Against Women.”

Elsa D’Silva, October 2018, She the People, “A checklist for institutional response to deal with #MeToo India complaints.”

Elsa D’Silva, November 2018, Yale Daily News, “Ali and D’Silva: Women in portraiture.”

Elsa D’Silva, November 2018, In Plainspeak, “Sexuality and the Single Woman.”

Elsa D’Silva, November 2018, BMW’s site TwentyThirty., “Why Societies Benefit from Female Leadership.”

Elsa D’Silva, November 2018, Yale Daily News, “D’Silva: Ending sexual violence.”

Elsa D’Silva, December 2018, In Plainspeak, “Sheriff Callie, Doc McStuffins and Barbie Dolls.”

Elsa D’Silva, December 2018, She the People, “2018 Has Really Felt Like It Was the ‘Year of the Woman.’”

Elsa D’Silva, December 2018, She the People, “The Time for Taking Us for Granted Is Over.”

Elsa D’Silva, December 2018, Daily Times, “16 Days of Activism — Gender-Based Violence in Pakistan and India.”

Elsa D’Silva and Esther Ngumbi co-authored a piece, December 2018, The East African, “Lustful eyes in the dark, a deafening silence in the light.

Emma Naluyima, March 2018, Daily Monitor, “GMOs: Give farmers a chance to speak out.”

Esther Ngumbi, January 2018, USA Today, “I’m from a supposedly ‘s — -hole’ country, and we should do more than get angry.”

Esther Ngumbi, January 2018, Scientific American, “If You Want to Explain Your Science to the Public, Here’s Some Advice.”

Esther Ngumbi did a consulting project for USAID Feed the Future and the resulting brief came out in January 2018, “Plant Production EBA Data in Action Technical Brief.”

Esther Ngumbi, February 2018, all Africa, “Climate Change is Hurting Children the Most — Here is How to Protect Them.”

Esther Ngumbi, February 2018, Devex, “We can make agricultural work attractive for Africa’s youth. Here’s how.”

Esther Ngumbi, February 2018, NPR, “I Didn’t Think There were Many African Women Scientists. Then I Checked Twitter.”

Esther Ngumbi, March 2018, Scientific American, “The Joys of Scientific Outreach.”

Esther Ngumbi, March 2018, All Africa, “Scaling up Game-Changing Agricultural Innovations and Technologies in Africa.” It was syndicated at Biz Community

Esther Ngumbi, March 2018, The Conversation, “Why African farmers should balance pesticides with other control methods.

Esther Ngumbi, March 2018, World Policy, “How to Solve Africa’s Water Paradox.”

Esther Ngumbi, May 2018, all Africa, “African Countries Need to Push Climate Smart Agriculture.”

Esther Ngumbi, June 2018, SciDevNet, “Minimising further insect pests invasions in Africa.”

Esther Ngumbi, June 2018, Project Syndicate, “Strengthening African Science.” It was syndicated by Mail & Guardian and Africa-News.

Esther Ngumbi, June 2018, Mail & Guardian, “Africa’s youth, brimming with potential, must be nurtured.”

Esther Ngumbi, July 2018, Scientific American, “We Should Reward Scientists for Communicating to the Public.” It was syndicated by Bioscience for Farming in Africa.

Esther Ngumbi, August 2018, TRT World, “Unleashing the power of women farmers in Africa and beyond.”

Esther Ngumbi, August 2018, The Conversation, “African agriculture has a lot to gain from increased access to big data.”

Esther Ngumbi, September 2018, IPS, “In the Race to Achieve Zero Hunger and Mitigate Climate Change, We Must Look Down — to the Soil.” It was syndicated by Global Issues,

Esther Ngumbi, October 2018, Letter to the Editor for the New York Times, “Alleviating Child Hunger.”

Esther Ngumbi, October 2018, The Conversation, “How insects can help fight hunger in the world.” It was syndicated by Newsweek, “Eating Insects Could Help Fight World Hunger.

Esther Ngumbi, October 2018, NPR, “Dear Melania Trump… A Kenyan and a Ghanaian Offer Advice for Her Africa Trip.”

Esther Ngumbi, October 2018, Eco Business, “Tackling food waste is a $700 billion opportunity. Here’s how to seize it.”

Esther Ngumbi, November 2018, Mail & Guardian, “Turn Africa’s cities into vertical farms.” It was syndicated by News Day.

Esther Ngumbi collaborated with 2018 fellow Ifeanyi, December 2018, all Africa, “Angela Merkel has Done Much to Help Africa; Her Successor Should Continue the Relationship.”

Esther Ngumbi, December 2018, Mail & Guardian, “Ma Africa leads the way.”

Serufusa Sekidde, April 2018, Project Syndicate, “How Should the Crypto-Rich Spend Their Money?” It was syndicated places like Revista de Presna, Kathmandu Post, MSN and Les Echos.

Serufusa Sekidde, August 2018, Medium.com page, “To stamp out employee burnout, organizations and their leaders must play their role.”

2016 Class

Carl Manlan, January 2018, West Africa Civil Society Institute, “West Africa: Our Complex Challenge.”

Carl Manlan, January 2018, Programme Eve, “Planning for the Change of Seasons.”

Carl Manlan, January 2018, all Africa, “The Middle Class Can Help End Neglected Tropical Diseases.”

Carl Manlan, February 2018, Alliance Magazine, “Africa’s diaspora and its small givers can transform the continent.

Carl Manlan, May 2018, WISE — Qatar, “To Fix Youth Unemployment in Africa, We Need to Build Skills in the Informal Sector.

Carl Manlan, May 2018, Project Syndicate, “An Amazonian Trade Strategy for Africa.” It was syndicated by Kathmandu Post.

Carl Manlan, May 2018, Mo Ibrahim Foundation, “Co-designing with the end in mind: health for all.”

Carl Manlan, June 2018, CODESRIA Bulletin N0.1 & 2 on Reaching New Frontiers, “L’Afrique et son potentiel rural Mondial.”

Carl Manlan, June 2018, SFAN, “The start-up that matters the most: Agriculture.”

Carl Manlan, July 2018, JA Africa, “Building Skills for the Present and Future of Africa” that was also published at all Africa, Career Insider and Ayiba Magazine

Carl Manlan, October 2018, all Africa, “How improved financial skills can lead to better access to health care in Africa.”

Carl Manlan, November 2018, Project Syndicate, “Capitalizing on Africa’s Demographic Dividend.”

Carl Manlan and Assia Sidibe, November 2018, Le Monde, « Il serait sage que les Africains sortent de la dépendance à laquelle ils sont si habitués » Here is an English translation.

Ed Mabaya, July 2018, Project Syndicate, “Killer Farms.” It was syndicated at The Daily Star Lebanon.

Ed Mabaya, December 2018, NPR, “I gave a spur-of-the-moment Christmas gift and asked myself a hard question.” It was syndicated by many local public radio stations across the country.

Folake Kio-Olayinka, April 2018, all Africa, “Nigeria: Political Will and Investment in Immunization are Critical Elements for a Healthy Future.” It led to interviews with a Nigerian Broadcasting station and a Voice of America segment, “Africa 54.”

Folake Kio-Olayinka, July 2018, Medium.com, “More Than Just Training: A Dignified Approach to Capacity Building in the South.” (This was her cut chapter from the Dignity as Development book project).

Ify Aneibo, March 2018, Medium.com, “Increase the Number of Women and Girls in Science by Encouraging Girls to be Curious.”

Ify Aneibo, April 2018, Daily Trust, “Malaria elimination in Nigeria: Reality or myth?”

Ify Aneibo, November 2018, Scientific American, “Africa Doesn’t Need Genetically Modified Mosquitoes.”

Oluseun Onigbinde, June 2018, Ynaija, “Abacha’s loot will be stolen again if we do not strengthen our economic structures.” It was syndicated by Latest Nigerian News and Uncova.

Oluseun Onigbinde, October 2018, Lagos Post, “How Soon Will Nigeria Be Great

Renzo Guinto, August 2018, The Rappler, “The water you drink and use — and why you should care more.

Renzo Guinto, September 2018, The Rappler, “Bringing care back to health care.”

Renzo Guinto, October 2018, PLOS, “Want to transform global health? Start with WHO interns.

Renzo Guinto, October 2018, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health’s Global Health Now page, “Climate and Health: The Heart of the Health Policy Nexus.

Renzo Guinto, October 2018, International Health Policies, “A journey of friendship: how Alma-Ata made us young global health leaders.

Renzo Guinto, October 2018, Health and Human Rights Journal, “Alma-Ata at 40: Time to Expand Planetary Health Care.

Renzo Guinto, November 2018, Health Systems Global, “Future-Proofing Health Systems — a Proposal for #HSR2020.”

Renzo Guinto, November 2018, book chapter on Regional Health Governance in Asia for the book Resilient and people-centred health systems: Progress, challenges and future directions in Asia.

SAS Kargo, January 2018, Project Syndicate, “Resuscitating Africa’s Health Care.”

Sathya Raghu, January 2018, BusinessLine, “Farmer prosperity vs food safety.”

Sathya Raghu, February 2018, BusinessLine, “Budget 2017: Farming facts.”

Sathya Raghu, February 2018, BuinessLine, “Three ways to reduce economic inequality.”

Sathya Raghu, February 2018, BusinessLine, “When technology drives farming.”

Sathya Raghu, March 2018, This is Place, “Who owns the pond?”

Sathya Raghu, July 2018, Your Story, “How NABARD can become more startup-friendly to amplify its impact.”

Sathya Raghu, July 2018, BusinessLine, “MSP and loan waivers: Historic or rhetoric?”

Sathya Raghu, August 2018, BusinessLine, “Measure of success should go beyond GDP.”

Sathya Raghu, September 2018, BusinessLine, “Are farm-loan waivers unhealthy?”

Sathya Raghu, October 2018, BusinessLine, “She the Farmer.”

Sitawa Wafula, April 2018, Daily Nation, “NCD focus key to universal healthcare.”

Sitawa Wafula, May 2018, Daily Nation, “Address drug and substance abuse by youth.”

2017 Class

Dixon Chibanda, January 2018, Guardian, “I have seen first-hand how the horrors of Mugabe’s Zimbabwe haunt our people.”

Gulrez Shah Azhar, February 2018, Star2, “Climate change refugees will become an ever more serious problem.”

Gulrez Shah Azhar, March 2018, RAND, “Can Dirty-Air Discontent in New Delhi Push India Toward Greener Days?

Gulrez Shah Azhar, April 2018, SciDevNet, “Staying cool — as the globe warms.”

Gulrez Shah Azhar, October 2018, Project Syndicate, “Mitigating India’s Climate-Change Misery.” It was syndicated on Eco-Business, Gulf-Times, Khaleej Times,

Jemimah Njuki, February 2018, Devex, “We need to involve more women in the agriculture sciences. Here’s how.

Jemimah Njuki, March 2018, all Africa, “Specialty Training Can Help Youth Become Future of Agriculture.”

Jemimah Njuki, March 2018, Charting Change, “Improving Africa’s food-security, one woman at a time.”

Jemimah Njuki, April 2018, Business Daily, “Time is right to do more in uplifting status of women.”

Jemimah Njuki, August 2018, The Star, “Real men can end gender violence.”

Jemimah Njuki, August 2018, all Africa, “The Media Must Improve How it Covers Gender-Based Violence.” It was syndicated at Africa-News and she posted it on her Medium.com page, “The media must do better in how it covers gender-based violence.

Jemimah Njuki, September 2018, Standard Digital, “Women are as good as men in agribusiness.” It was syndicated by Business Daily.

Jemimah Njuki, October 2018, The Star, “Helping women to grow businesses.”

Jemimah Njuki, November 2018, Huffington Post (French edition), “Quand la recherche permet aux femmes d’améliorer leur vie.”

Koketso Moeti, January 2018, Africa is a Country, “Davos Blues.”

Koketso Moeti, February 2018, City Press, “The rich can’t steal, right?”

Koketso Moeti, February 2018, City Press, “Where is the support for health workers?”

Koketso Moeti, March 2018, News24, “Save lives, say no to guns.”

Koketso Moeti, April 2018, The Guardian, “From the NFL to the World Bank, black people are being silenced.” It was syndicated at The Weekly Challenger.

Koketso Moeti, June 2018, Salon.com, “Before Cambridge Analytica scandal, South Africa had its own social media propaganda crisis.”

Koketso Moeti, June 2018, Daily Maverick, “Time for an honest reckoning with those who sustain abusive behaviours in NGOs.”

Koketso Meoti, November 2018, City Press, “Social media-driven violence is a reality.”

Koketso Moeti, December 2018, City Press, “Guns do kill people. We need to amend the law.”

Mercy Lung’aho, March 2018, CGIAR: The Platform for Big Data in Agriculture, “I want to end malnutrition in Africa. That’s why I’m turning to big data and algorithms.”

Mercy Lung’aho, August 2018, Thomas Reuters Foundation, “Why we need data to end malnutrition.”

Minda Dentler, March 2018, Scientific American, “3 Ways to End Polio Once and for All.”

Mojisola Ojebode, March 2018, Financial Nigeria, “Tackling water stress in the face of climate change.” It was syndicated at Stratfor Worldview.

Mojisola Ojebode, April 2018, Financial Nigeria, “Insects as sustainable sources of poultry feeds.”

Mojisola Ojebode, June 2018, Financial Nigeria, “Promoting neglected and underutilised crops for food security.”

Mojisola Ojebode, August 2018, Financial Nigeria, “Leveraging co-operatives to boost market access for smallholders.”

Mojisola Ojebode, August 2018, Financial Nigeria, “Strategies to minimize food waste and protect the environment.”

Mojisola Ojebode, October 2018, Financial Nigeria, “Women can play a multipurpose role in ending malnutrition and poverty.

Mojisola Ojebode, November 2018, Financial Nigeria, “Edible insects as sustainable alternatives to livestock products.”

Moses Ariong, February 2018, all Africa, “Keeping Up with Climate Change — Climate Zoning as a Tool to Fight Hunger.”

Moses Ariong, June 2018, SoftPower News, “Pesticide Use — An Opportunity and a Threat to Food Security.”

Narayan Adhikari, July 2018, My Republica, “Toward Open Governance.”

Ngozi Erondu, February 2018, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, “America cannot let Trump cut funding for global health security.”

Ngozi Erondu, April 2018, Vice, “Rethinking the System: Five Experts Imagine a Better Future

Ngozi co-Erondu, November 2018, The Lancet, “Building the case for embedding global health security into universal health coverage: a proposal for a unified health system that includes public health.”

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